#8Sunday (March 15)

Weekend Writing Warriors

Welcome to my first Weekend Writing Warriors Bloghop!

Weekend Writing Warriors is a weekly bloghop. Participating writers link the community to their blog on Monday, and then post 8 sentences of their work on the following Sunday. This helps everyone to read, critique, and encourage each other! 

The following 8 sentences are from my current YA Fantasy, Kolya. Mid-way through the second act, classmates Pavel and Angela are trying to find a way to speak with their newly-transformed friends using mind-to-mind communication.

“Any lead is better than no lead,” Angela agreed, nodding. “Makes sense. Let’s ask the professor for a pass to go into the city tomorrow after class.”

“Do you think we need one? Can’t we just sign out?” Pavel asked.

“I think we need them now that we have familiars… I’ve heard stories about new familiars running amok, especially outside the school grounds. It was so bad at one point, we heard word of it from Pendita.”

It’s certainly interesting to see the work isolated like this! I think #8Sunday, besides being a fun bloghop, really emphasizes how even small portions of your work should be strong enough to stand alone. These small blocks build up your book, and if the bricks are weak, won’t the entire structure feel just a bit flimsy?

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else has written!

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