#8Sunday (March 22)

Weekend Writing Warriors

Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors Bloghop!

Weekend Writing Warriors is a weekly bloghop. Participating writers link the community to their blog on Monday, and then post 8 sentences of their work on the following Sunday. This helps everyone to read, critique, and encourage each other!

Today I’m sharing a piece from the short story I’ve been editing. 

“Is Magi-Technology right for your business?” asks a polished female voice. The ad is running on the back of the bus stop shelter, flashing blue and enigmatic smiles. “Smithson & Jones,” the female whispers, accompanied by a jingle, at the end of the commercial.

Ciara is so used to it by now that it’s just background noise, but something in the name, Smithson & Jones, jogs a memory.

Noticing a man watching her, she steps closer to a group of business women in their crisp suits and skirts. She grimaces and crosses her arms over her chest. Her high school uniform is like a stamp on her forehead: “VULNERABLE”.

She tries to remember what was bugging her about Smithson & Jones, but she can’t shake the feel of the man’s eyes on her.

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