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Weekend Writing Warriors

Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors Bloghop!

Weekend Writing Warriors is a weekly bloghop. Participating writers link the community to their blog on Monday, and then post 8 sentences of their work on the following Sunday. This helps everyone to read, critique, and encourage each other!

Today I’m sharing a piece from the short story I’ve been editing.  Continue reading »

#MicroblogMonday 1

An idea I found and liked the sound of–something short & sweet.

Today I’m working on a short story I want to submit to the current issue of Crossed Genresa Sci-Fi/Fantasy magazine. They’re doing a ‘novelette’ theme, which means submissions can be 6000-12000 words! I find writing fantasy shorts a little difficult, because of the amount of world building I want to pack in, so it’s a really exciting opportunity.

I totally acknowledge, however, that as I gain more experience I’ll find it easier to write fantasy in a smaller size. Or, one hopes, anyway!

I’m working on revising a short I wrote back in the fall of 2013 in one of my fiction workshops. This was a split off of something I had written the previous fall, a “short story” that everyone agreed was more like the third chapter of a novel.

In the piece I’m working on now, Ciara, an Australian mage, is forced to come to terms with the manipulation and mind control she was subjected to during her teenage years. It’s fun playing with the memories, what she wishes had happened, what she knows has happened, and the things that are lost to her for good, like pictures torn to pieces or cracked mirrors.

It’s been a while since I revised anything–I’ve been plugging away at my novel–so it’s interesting to have a different workflow.

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